What is Student Loan Consolidation? | A Complete Guide


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Consolidation is that the method of mixing your multiple student loans into one, larger loan, presumably with a replacement investor. It conjointly offer a chance for creating monthly payments a lot of manageable. The result’s one monthly payment rather than multiple payments. Loan consolidation can even provide you with access to further loan reimbursement plans and forgiveness programs. Consolidating federal student loans could also be a decent strategy to lower monthly payments or to induce out of default, however it’s not perpetually a decent plan.

The rate of interest on the spot Consolidation Loan is mounted, which means it’ll keep constant for the length of your loan. The speed is that the weighted average of the interest on your previous loans. Federal student loans are the sole student loans eligible for an on the spot Loan Consolidation. Significantly, personal student loans don’t seem to be eligible for an on the spot Consolidation Loan. This includes:

  • Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford / Direct Loans
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford / Direct Loans
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loans
  • Federal Direct Consolidation Loans
  • Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL)

If you are doing conceive to consolidate your federal student loans, be intimate into a Federal loan so as to qualify for the student loan debt forgiveness programs.

Federal Direct Consolidation Loan

If you’ve got federal student loans, you’ve got the choice to mix all or a number of your federal student loans into a federal loan Consolidation. This feature is merely on the market to consolidate federal student loans and not personal student loans. Most federal loans are eligible for consolidation, however personal loans don’t seem to be eligible. Loan consolidation can even offer somebody access to further loan reimbursement plans and forgiveness programs. If you’ve got multiple individual debts to repay it will get complicate to juggle all those bills inside your budget. Consolidation reduces that all the way down to only 1 bill, thus debt is simpler to manage.


Federal Direct backed and Unsubsidized Loans are eligible for all income-driven reimbursement plans. These loans include:

  • Stafford Loans
  • Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
  • For graduate and professional students
  • Federal Perkins Loans

Private Consolidation Loan

If you’ve got personal or federal student loans, you’ve got the choice to mix all or a number of your personal student loans into one larger private consolidation loan through a personal investor or bank. Some lenders permit personal consolidation loans to finance federal student loans additionally to personal student loans.


  • Enjoy a doubtless lower monthly payment.
  • Choose from a competitive mounted or variable rate of interest possibility after you apply.
  • Reduce your loan value by qualifying for our interest rate discounts.
  • Pay no application, origination or early-repayment fees.

Advantages of Student Loan Consolidation

One payment

Consolidation means that combining all of your federal loans into one. That loan are going to be serviceable by one financial institution and needs one monthly payment.

Fixed interest rate

If you’ve got plenty of loans, you almost certainly have plenty of various interest rates. If you would like the soundness of a fixed-rate loan with steady payments, consolidating will facilitate. Once you consolidate, your new loan can have one mounted rate and a payment that stays constant for the length of your loan.

Your Grace Period

The good news is that federal loans carry a six-month grace amount thus there’s time to develop a concept for handling them. One in all the most effective places to begin trying is that the federal Direct Consolidation Loan program. If any of your loans are in an exceedingly grace amount. Your consolidation application are going to be processed directly and you will lose your grace amount.

Lower payments

Consolidating your federal loans will lower your monthly payments by giving you up to thirty years to repay your loans. Extending the length of reimbursement will increase the whole quantity you’ve got to repay over the lifetime of the loan. An extended term loan can lower the monthly payment by the maximum amount as five hundredth, creating it more cost-effective whereas you get getting in the operating world.

Multiple Repayment plans

A Federal Consolidated Loan is eligible for variety of reimbursement set ups and borrowers are liberated to select the plan that most closely fits their state of affairs. you’ll select from multiple reimbursement plans with varied terms to repay your consolidation loan.

No Do Overs

You can solely consolidate student loans just once. If interest rates fall when you consolidate, powerful break! You’re cursed with the interest rates you in agreement to throughout consolidation. Once your loans are combined into an on the spot Consolidation Loan, they can not be removed. The loans that were consolidated are paid off and now not exist.


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